Bo Brower – The Name behind the Success of Corprotect

Are you looking for captive management services? If yes, then Corprotect is the first name that comes to mind. They are a leading integrated solutions provider with expertise in areas such as captive insurance and alternative risk. Their solutions are mainly offered to closely-held businesses. All their solutions are made in such a way that they work great in optimizing assets and controlling risks.

Services Offered by Corprotect

The services of Corprotect include –

  • Captive management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Consulting
  • Captive Formation

Bo Brower

Bo Brower

The President as well as the Founding Member of Corprotect is Bo Brower. He has helped a number of clients to have a better future with his more than 16 years of experience in the insurance industry. His unmatched skills can be seen in insurance services and risk management. He is a gentleman and loves to help businessmen/businesswomen with his expertise is solving critical risks. Bo believes that if people can focus on clarity and work toward being confident in whatever they do, then things would be different. It is only then when they would be able to enjoy things that they love the most.

Now let’s come to his academics. He studied in Davis High School, which is situated in Kaysville, UT. After completing this schooling, he went to Weber State University and got a BS degree in Sales and Marketing. He is multi-talented. He is not only a public speaker and an author, but also an active participant in his community as well as various other charitable causes. Apart from his successful professional life, he is a successful family man as well, living with his beautiful wife and children in Utah.

Are you fascinated by Bo Brower? Then get in touch with their team today!


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